Moe Yal Yin Saung Yal Ya Mel
A Chit Eain Met
Tha Bar Wa
Nway Oo Kabyar
2017 Thingyan Present
Thingyan Su Taung
A Htee Kyan Myat Yay
Koe Mway Nayt

Aung San was born to U Pha, a lawyer, and his wife, Daw Suu, in Natmauk, Magway District, in central Burma on 13 February 1915. A collection of songs to remember our national hero General Aung San's birthday.

Aung San Sate Dat
Asia Hero Aung San
Bogyoke Aung San Lan Zin
Bo Aung San
Naing Gan Ta Kar Yin Thway Nge Myar
Kalay Twae Ka Sar Pho
Kabar Myay Ah Twat
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