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Tazaungdine festival, as the lights festival in the month of Tazaungmone is called, is more or less a folk festival, probably pre-Buddhist, so originally without any Buddhist significance. The festival is mentioned in stories before the Buddha's time as Kattika festival, in honour of the guardian gods of the planets. It is said that certain planetary sings of the zodiac are in the ascendant during the month. Though Tazaungdine lights festival began in the times immemorial as a folk ritual, it is regard today as an essentially Biddhist festival.

The month is the time of offering robes to the monks. At such a time, many monks are in need of new robes. Offering of robes and other gifts,in this season are made not to any individual monk, but to the order as a whole so that the needy ones shall get the robe. Kathein offering is considered one of the most meritorious deeds.

Reference :"Flowers and festivals round the Myanmar year" by "Khin Myo Chit"

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