Thingyan Su Taung
A Htee Kyan Myat Yay
Koe Mway Nayt
Aung Naing Thu Tay Myar
Lat Yway Sin 1
Sane Lan Thaw Nyaing Chan Chin
A Di Pa Di Phwar
San Francisco
Inzale A Twat Gi Tin Zale
Iron Cross 20th Anniversary

Happy Father's Day to you and all the fathers out there.

A Phay (Htoo Eain Thin)
Phay Phay (Sone Thin Par)
A Phay Tan Phoe (Song Oo Hlaing)
Pae Kine Shin (Zaw Win Htut - Si Thu Lwin)
A Phay (Lay Phyu)
Phay Phay (Sai Htee Sine)
Ah Phay (Bo Phyu)
A Phayt Myat Won (J Maung Maung)
A Phay Aye Yate (Mie Mie Khel)
Ah Phay (Fishermen)
Phay Phay (Kabyar Bwe Mhu)
A Phay (Hlwan Moe)
A Phayt Nay Yar (EKE)
A Phayt Tha Mee (Me No, Thiri San, Orchid)
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