Moe Yal Yin Saung Yal Ya Mel
A Chit Eain Met
Tha Bar Wa
Nway Oo Kabyar
2017 Thingyan Present
Thingyan Su Taung
A Htee Kyan Myat Yay
Koe Mway Nayt


The full moon of Kason month is a three-fold anniversary;the birth of Siddatha, the Buddha to-be,His attaining of Enlightenment at the foot of the Bodhi tree,and the passing of the Buddha into Nib-bana. Buddhists celebrate these anniversaries in the spirit of the Buddha's teachings. They give alms, keep percepts, practise medication.The Buddha's teachings are remembered in all their meritorious deeds. Since such deeds are done communally, the custom of going to the local pagodas in group is observed for many generations.

Men and women of all ages go to local pagodas in processions to pour water on the scared tree, the Bodhi tree,the tree of enlightenment. Young women carry water pots on their heads,none too heavy,but just enough to lend them a Balinese grace as they walked along. The procession, as usual, is attended by music troupes. The Myanmar folk music troupe consists of simple Instruments, namely, the drum, cymbals, bamboo clappers and flute. The song usually are playful and teasing.Emphasis is laid on the paying of respects to the scared tree, in remembrance of the Buddha's Enlightenment. That particular day brought to all beings, hope of deliverance from Suffering.

Reference :"Flowers and festivals round the Myanmar year" by "Khin Myo Chit"

Ka Sone La Pyae (Win Oo - Tin Tin Mya)
Di Thar Fa Ra Na Myittar Pwar Pon (Soe Sandar Htun)
Ka Sone La Pyae Buddha Nayt (Ye Ye Thent)
Taw Htwat Khan (Soe Sandar Htun)
Dama Sat Kyar (Soe Sandar Htun)
Ma Har Buddha Win (Ko Htun Shwe)
Yaung Taw Phwint (Soe Sandar Htun)
Linn Yaung Chi Oo (Soe Sandar Htun)
Yaung Chi Taw Bwalt Kyo (Soe Sandar Htun)
La Ka Sone (Thu Maung)
Gon Taw (9) Thwal (Soe Sandar Htun)
Than Boad Day (Soe Sandar Htun)
Saindar Ma Ni (Soe Sandar Htun)
Aung Zay Ya Tu Tha Ba Mingalan (U Thein Kywal)
Aung Na Mate (Soe Sandar Htun)
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