Thingyan Su Taung
A Htee Kyan Myat Yay
Koe Mway Nayt
Aung Naing Thu Tay Myar
Lat Yway Sin 1
Sane Lan Thaw Nyaing Chan Chin
A Di Pa Di Phwar
San Francisco
Inzale A Twat Gi Tin Zale
Iron Cross 20th Anniversary
Saw Bwe Mhu Thi Chin Kaung Kin
  • Album Type Compilations
  • Released Date 14/09/2005
  • Band D' Blade
  • Rate Album
  • Number of Tracks 12 Tracks
  • Produced by SPS
  • Record Label SPS
  • Recording Studio Lynn

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Thi Tar Thi Tar Thi Tar
R Zarni Play Play
That Shi Yoke Tu
Ka Byar Bwae Mhuu Play Play
A Sait Yai
Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein Play Play
Eain Ka Sinn Thwar Taet chit Thu
Phyo Gyi Play Play
Arr Nar Lite Tar
Examplez Kyoe Kyar Play Play
Son Ka Lay
Twinkle Play Play
A Chit Sone Ma Hote Taet A Chit Sone
Me Me Khel Play Play
Pyan Lo Chin Tal
L Lune War Play Play
Shae Shae Tone Ka Pon Pyin Lay
Brakey Play Play
Mar Yar
Chit Kaung Play Play
Chit Aet Thal
Nge Lay Play Play
Khwal Ya Chin Tan Pyi Mot
Naw Phaw War Play Play
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